Bruce Whitehouse

Co-Director of Africana Studies, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Williams Hall
Ph.D., Brown University

Research Interests

Transnational migration (western Sahel to Central Africa, Europe & N. America)
Marriage and polygyny
Population processes
Urbanization and urban identities
Domestic structure and households
States and state failure in Africa
The western Sahel region
Bamako, Mali
Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Courses Taught

Cultural Diversity & Human Nature (ANTH 011)
Cultural Study & Globalization (ANTH/GS 106)
Health, Illness & Healing (ANTH/HMS 155)
Peoples & Cultures of Africa (AAS/ANTH 183)
Global Capitalism (ANTH/GS 320)
Globalization & Development in Africa (AAS/ANTH/GS 324)
So You Want to Save the World (ANTH/GS 090, ANTH/GS 396)