Major and Minor Requirements

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Experiential Learning

Africana Studies majors are required to satisfactorily participate in experiential learning. This requires the approval of the director and may take the form of long- or short-term study abroad, internship with or without academic credit, service learning, or community engagement. The program director and faculty will offer guidance to assist you in the completion of this requirement.

Areas of Concentration

Majors have the option to declare a major concentration in a chosen field of Africana Studies by completing a minimum of nine credits of elective coursework in one of the fields listed below. A major concentration allows students to develop expertise on a particular subject matter and may be self-designed with the approval of the director or the student’s advisor. Students are advised to plan their course of study in consultation with the director and/or designated faculty advisor.

Arts and Culture
Gender and Sexuality
Social and Political Movements
Race, Ethnicity, and Class
Self-designed concentration (developed with faculty advisor or director)


The Major
The major in Africana Studies consists of a minimum of ten (10) courses, constituting at least 32 credit hours.[i] The major is designed to familiarize students with a range of disciplinary approaches to Africana Studies. It entails training across disciplinary lines as well as the option to focus on a particular area of concentration.

Introductory to Africana Studies AAS 003[ii]  (4)                               

Breadth Courses
History, Religion, or Philosophy (3-4)                                                                          

Visual & Performing Arts or Literature (3-4)                                                             

Social & Behavioral Sciences (3-4)                                                                          

Elective Coursework

At least 5 courses/15 credits from list of approved electives(15-20)  

Capstone[iii] (4)                                                                                                                  

Total credits 32-40

Major Declaration Form

Major Declaration Supplemental Form 


The Minor

A minimum of 15 credits, including AAS 003. At least one course must be taken at the 200-level or above.

Docusign Minor Declaration Form

Docusign Minor Drop Form

[i] Maximum number of transfer credits is 12

[ii] Introductory credits must be taken at Lehigh University, but substitution may be possible with the Program Director’s written approval

[iii] Capstone course must be taken at Lehigh University


The Major
The major in Africana Studies consists of a minimum of ten (10) courses, constituting at least 30 credit hours and no less than four (4) upper level courses. It entails training across disciplinary lines as well as concentrated study in a single discipline:

Introductory Course (1)   
Humanities  (3)   
Social Sciences  (3)    
Disciplinary Concentration  (3)        
In addition, students are encouraged to pursue independent study opportunities to enhance their knowledge of specific aspects of Africana Studies.

The Minor
The minor consists of a minimum of four (4) courses, constituting at least 15 hours of study that includes an introductory course and at least one 300-level course.  To declare a minor in Africana Studies, students should visit the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, Williams Hall, Suite 101.

AAS 003 Introduction to Africana Studies 1 4

Electives 2 11-12

Total Credits 15-16

1 Additional courses may be substituted for the Introductory course with Program Director permission

2 Must include at least one course at the 300-level