Experiential Learning

Africana Studies majors are required to satisfactorily participate in experiential learning. This requires the approval of the director and may take the form of long- or short-term study abroad, internship with or without academic credit, service learning, or community engagement. The program director and faculty will offer guidance to assist you in the completion of this requirement.

Lehigh University offers several exciting experiential learning opportunities for students, including programs to study, do research, or do internships in Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean. There are semester or year-long study abroad opportunities in countries such as Ghana, Senegal, and Kenya, among many other places that relate to the Africana Studies curriculum. The Africana Studies program has partnerships with organizations in the local community, where internship opportunities are possible. The Iacocca International Internship Program offers the combination of cultural immersion with the professional learning that is possible through an internship. Through this program, students have had transformative experiences in places such as Zambia, Uganda, and South Africa.